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BKA Club

BKA Club Personalised Workout Programme

BKA Club Personalised Workout Programme

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Not sure where to start with your fitness journey, want to optimise your training or just need a little extra motivation? Your BKA Club coach, Kirby, has got you covered with your personalised workout programme. She'll plan your whole month of workouts (or 3 months with our saver package), so that you don't have to.

How does it work? Simply purchase your programme here and receive a mini email questionnaire so that Kirby can plan your programme accurately. Once your answers have been received, you'll soon be sent your personalised workout calendar, tailored to your fitness goals. 

Can it be planned around my menstrual cycle? 100%, you can choose to menstrual cycle sync or not. 

Is it just for BKA Club workouts? No, the programme can include non-BKA workouts too, such as studio sessions.

What if I can't workout some days? No problem, Kirby plans around your diary. Got a festival? No workout that weekend! 

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