"It’s our mission to help people across the world feel empowered through movement and gain the confidence to be the best version of themselves."

Kirby Akindeinde, Founder of BKA Club & by kirbyanne

We’re here to get you moving because movement is pretty damn powerful and we don’t just mean a super sweaty workout (although we’re all for one if you are). We aim to tap into that inner confidence, that internal drive, to get you reaching heights you never thought you could. An online destination to move, connect and shop. Discover BKA...

BKA Club

The workouts.

Welcome to BKA Club- an online fitness destination with a mission to help you find power through movement. We're here to get you moving and making moves in a way that feels great for you.

It's important to us that our community enjoy their movement, which is why we have workouts to suit everybody- from strength to sculpt, beginner to advanced and menstrual cycle syncing workouts. We also have pre and post natal specific workouts coming soon. View our full class offering here.

All of your workouts are led by seven-year fitness coach Kirby Akindeinde, who is a Pre and Post Natal Qualified Personal Trainer and an expert in menstrual cycle syncing fitness. Kirby's main goal is for you to enjoy your fitness journey whilst moving towards your desired fitness goals- be those mental or physical.

by kirbyanne

The clothing.

We're ready to get moving, but we know we'll feel even better with a cute and comfy outfit to get moving in... Say hi to by kirbyanne!

Our founder, Kirby, always had outfit ideas but could never find them in stores, so she decided to do it herself. With her sporty style, the by kirbyanne range is sports-inspired but not just for the gym. Sporty… but cute. The outcome? Transitional wardrobe essentials and everyday statement pieces, that are ready to keep you moving day-to-night.

There's the main by kirbyanne range, which is designed and made in London and then there's the Sporty but cute... sister line that's specially selected and sourced abroad. Our pieces may be cute- sporty but cute, may we add- but it’s about what you do when you wear them. How you feel when you get moving.

  • Made in the UK.

    All of our main range by kirbyanne garments are manufactured in London with 80% of the fabric being sourced from the UK. We produce and source locally to help lower our carbon footprint.

  • Reduced Waste.

    Waste not want not. All of our scrunchies are made from our leftover garment fabric. One girl’s scrap is another girl’s cute accessory. We know which one we’d choose…

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  • Eco Packaging.

    Each purchase will arrive in a biodegradable or recycled outer bag with a keepsake 100% cotton pouch. We care about the environment and so should you.

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